Sunday, 29 July 2012

Daltrey & Townshed Announced The Who Tour!!!

The Who are ready and looking forward to take the stage for their first North American concert tour in four years.

The tour will be commencing from November 1 in Florida, and consists of founding members Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend alongside Zak Starkey, Pino Palladino, Simon Townshend, Chris Stainton, Loren Gold and Frank Simes.

Townshed confirmed they are still connected to their fans after playing 40 years together.

He said: "There is a new audience that comes to it for obvious reasons. It is a story about the travails of being young.

"But also there is a poignancy that we get from the older fans of Quadrophenia, people that could be our age or even a little younger - or sometimes even a little older - who reconnect with Quadrophenia without there being nostalgia."

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Who, Roger Daltrey Given Honorary Degree

An honorary degree has been received yesterday by the lead singer of The Who band Roger Daltrey in Hendon.

Middlesex University awarded him with the degree for his contribution to Music Industry.

Daltrey individual owned so many gold and platinum selling records with The Who. He has performed in a range of television programmes, films and stage productions including CSI and The Bill.

He said: “If I had the power to give honours, the students would be getting extra honorary degrees from me.

“After having the privilege of working with them on my production of The Who's Tommy, I was amazed with their vision and creativity.

“I look forward to seeing more of their work, knowing that within the visual creative industries, the future is a bright one. For me to receive this degree is an honour indeed.”


Friday, 30 September 2011

The Who legend Roger Daltrey has expressed his disappointment

In today's music scene that The Who legend Roger Daltrey, geniune frontmen and women consider a dirth has expressed his disappointment, according to Yahoo reports.

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He said, “A lot of the new people they choose on shows like American Idol and things like that — I don’t ever hear lead singers. They always seem to choose to pick people that are great singers, fabulous singers, but they’ve never got the voice that makes a great lead singer.”

“You hear 10 seconds of Rod Stewart, you know it’s Rod Stewart. Ten-seconds of Mick Jagger, that’s Mick Jagger. Ten-seconds of Eddie Vedder, you know that’s Eddie.”

Daltrey current UK chart sensation Adele to reserve some praise, whose Album of the '21 'on both sides of the Atlantic has proved a massive hit.

He continued, “I mean, I love Adele. That’s a lead singer, that’s the real deal.”

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Who's Roger Daltrey wants to bring fans once again on tour

The Who singer Roger Daltrey wants to bring fans once again on tour with "Tommy" to the album, wants, coming to Colorado this October.

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Considered the greatest rock band to come out of Britain is one, The Who, both within and outside the country's big success in America, many of them have with rock albums.

Taking just the "Tommy" album on tour, Daltrey will tour North America with Simon Townshend (the younger brother of original band member Pete Townshend), live performances, the album is expected to perform.

"Tommy", originally released in 1969 on the way met many challenges, even being banned by the BBC. Daltrey says the best things to skyrocket to the top of the chart could help the band was one.

Even though it was an eight-month long process to put together the "Tommy" album, "I just enjoyed the experience," Daltrey said.

"We were in control of things and we could do what we like for as much time as we like - invent things on the spot, try them out, try if they work and throw them away if they didn't."

The album went on to become popular throughout the U.K. and the U.S. and launch the careers of many other musicians.

Daltrey said, "I can't believe how lucky I am and how much support we've had. We've got the support of all you out there and thank you for that".

The band in the early 80s after the break, fans were not totally left in the dust, the rest of the band members still reunion tours or concerts for charity and will reconvene Daltrey's do it again.

"Music on record is one thing, but live music is what it's really all about," Daltrey said about his upcoming "Tommy" tour.

Daltrey their way to Colorado on October 16 at the 1stBank Center in Broomfield will be performed.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Who perform Quadrophenia tour on next year

According to Guitar Aficionado report:

"Who guitarist Pete Townshend has posted on his blog that rumors of his hearing loss have been greatly exaggerated and that the Who plan to perform their epic 1973 concept album Quadrophenia on tour next year.

As only registered members of the Who’s Fan Club have access to the blog, we’re posting the contents here.

My hearing is actually better than ever because after a feedback scare at the O2 Indigo in December 2008 I am taking good care of it. I have computer systems in my studio that have helped me do my engineering work on the forthcoming Quadrophenia release..."

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Who's Roger Daltrey isn't looking forward to reading Pete Townshend's new book

The Who's Roger Daltrey isn't looking forward to reading his bandmate Pete Townshend's new book - because he fear he will know about yourself.

The biography that landed Townshend in trouble with the law is to be released in 2012, almost 20 years after the rocker started work on his memoirs.

He tells, "I'm not particularly looking forward to it. When I look back to some of his interviews, he's said some weird things."

Tom Townshend Daltrey is nothing but the pair's relationship will not change, insists: "Whatever happens on the public stage, behind the scenes we're the best of friends. We're like brothers. Not to say we get on with each other all the time, but if we were ever in trouble, you know that we'd both be there for each other. That's all that matters."

Friday, 27 May 2011

The Who's Roger Daltrey want to postpone three concert dates on tour

The Who's Roger Daltrey has been want to postpone three concert dates on his forthcoming UK tour.

The postpone concerts held at Ragley Hall in Alcester on July 3, Ripley Castle in Harrogate on July 17 and at Powderham Castle, Exeter on July 24.

No official reason for cancellation has been issued, but this information because of poor ticket sales have been.

Daltrey's band mate Pete Townshend wish him good luck on the tour, earlier this month.

He said, ''Great to see Roger performing 'Tommy' with his band in 2011. I will be there in spirit, and Roger has my complete and most loving support".